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Phase V: Construction Administration

During the last phase of design, Lion House Design will collaborate with the client's chosen licensed landscape contractor in order to make sure all things are running smoothly from plant and material sourcing through the final garden installation.


Installation by a contractor may seem like an effortless process, however, it actually requires a lot of time and oversight. Lion House Design helps bridge the communication gap between the contractor, vendors, nurseries and client. This phase includes:

  1. Plant sourcing/inventory/substitutions (depending on nursery inventory and availability)

  2. Approval of selected materials and contractor suggested changes

  3. Review of layout of elements in the garden,

  4. Ordering specific materials needed for the site

  5. Review of placement of trees, placement of potential boulders, placement of specific landscape design features

  6. Project management of the overall quality of construction to assure that the details are being followed 

  7. Installation day(s): On-site plant placement by the Lion House Design team alongside the contractor, as well as container programs/potted arrangements curated by the LHD team

  8. Site visits will depend on the contractor needs, delivery of plant materials and design elements, and the client's involvement. During the site visits, the Principal Designer, Kate, will be available to attend project meetings with you and the contractor, in order to make the process runs smoothly. 

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