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Phase II: Conceptual and Schematic Design

This phase transforms the information collected from the site analysis and survey into potential design solutions. During this phase, we will examine different design schemes and how they encompass circulation (foot travel), view sheds, lighting, vegetation, hydrology, and programming of the garden. The Conceptual and Schematic Design Phase includes:


A. Conceptual Plans/Sketch Alternatives

We will review the existing plans and on-site investigation, in conjunction with your “wish list,” to produce alternatives to support the overall development intentions of the project. The concepts/alternatives will be done as sketches on trace paper/mixed media montages and will address areas listed in the Scope of Work. Study sketches and design development in this phase involves both hand drafting and digital rendering.


B. Review & Revisions:

We will present the proposed conceptual design ideas for you to review. All comments, subtractions and additions will be noted and incorporated into design revisions. Subsequently, we will prepare a second round of options, if you so desire, to be presented to you for review and/or final approval. The Lion House Design team will be prepared to do some on-site visioning and layout of the proposed plan for clarification purposes, and to be able to better determine the merits of the design as needed. During this collaborative design phase, there may be a lot of communication between us, in order to achieve a conceptual plan that meets your project needs.


C. Proposed Site Plan/Landscape Plan

The Proposed Site Plan/Landscape Plan will be the final product of the design options and revisions. The plan will show all the existing architectural and landscape elements that are pertinent to the plan, as well as all the new elements that are to be added as part of the project scope. The completed Site Plan will be used as the base for all plans in the Construction Documents Landscape Set.

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