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5 Phases of Design

The following 5 Phases of Design are used as outline to guide clients through the design process. Let’s face it, the world of construction and design can be daunting and as home-owners we’ve all experienced, or at least heard of the crazy stories our friends have gone through doing renovations on their properties. Our job at LHD is to create a beautiful landscape/interior design, walk you through the design phases, and help you mitigate the stress of the installation process so that you can focus on enjoying the fruits of your labor!


Each project begins with a scope of work and estimate for design services, specifically catered to project needs. As the project progresses, our team provides clarity & guidance throughout the design process. Project hours vary significantly, depending on scope of work, site characteristics, and client needs. Please set up a consultation to meet in person and discuss project goals on-site.

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Phase I: Pre-Design Services & Base Plan

The Pre-Design Phase allows us to become acquainted with your project, and develop a program/"wish list" for your needs. This Phase includes a detailed site survey, site analysis/inventory, and development of a base plan for drafting garden plans and construction documents. This phase is essential for LHD, and may require collaboration with a professional site surveyor/engineer. This phase must be completed before any design work commences.

Phase II: Conceptual and Schematic Design

The information collected in Phase I is developed into potential design solutions. We will explore programming of space, conceptual designs and offer visuals for design elements/ideas. This is a very collaborative process between LHD and the client, as we dive into different design schemes together. We want to make sure that our design ideas convey your needs, while solving problems, maximizing views, and creating sustainable gardens that are beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing.

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Phase III: Design Development

In Phase 3, we will focus on refining and articulating the conceptual plans. During this phase of design, we focus on the details in all areas of the garden: planting plan, lighting plan, hardscape plan, furnishings, water features, art elements and custom project details such as gates, fences, stairs, and container programs. 

Phase IV: Construction Documents – Landscape Set

This is the most technical phase of design. All construction documents will be drafted in AutoCAD, by the LHD team. The CD set will be shared with the contractor you choose, to install your beautiful garden! LHD has close relationships with local, licensed landscape contractors. We highly suggest that you use one of our recommended contractors.


Phase V: Construction Administration

This is the last phase of design. Now that you have chosen a contractor, the LHD team will coordinate with him/her to source plants, materials and furnishings for your garden. Construction administration is complex and there are many moving parts, so it's essential to coordinate and maintain strong communication between all parties involved at this time (contractors, sub contractors, multiple nurseries, vendors, and artisans). The LHD team will also be on-site during installation days, to personally place every single plant, design potted arrangements on-site, and make sure the construction is running smoothly.

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